Sunday, July 6, 2008


So, I'm in Nuremberg and I call down to the front desk and say "Fluggeschwindekiet" and the front desk person says, "what?" and I say, "just kidding" and then laugh my ass off to nothing but silence on the other end. (Ok, I made that part up.)

I really said, 'can you please send an iron to my room?' And the lady says, 'I'm sorry we aren't allowed to to that, but we have an ironing room.' so I said, 'where's that?' and she said, 'room 611.'

So I push the lottery-like elevator button and hope for six, and sure enough ...

(I've travelled a lot, and that is the first I've heard of an ironing room)

Yeah, so - Like many proud Americans, I drive a spectacular German car. Who can resist the legendary German engineering?

Apparently, the elevator people ...

This was the elevator button on every floor. No up, no down. You just pushed THE button and hoped that you were going to the correct floor. It was rare. So you'd get into the elevator at the lobby and then you'd go down to the parking lot, and then the elevator would land back at the lobby (full, by the way) and more people would get in, and then we'd go up. It was very bizarre.

Nuremburg's famous ... Sex in der City

And some glamor shots